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Spirit brought me to a temple to build my website with the amazing Copperwoman!


The time has come to rise from the ashes and rebuild my life. This year my second son graduated from high school and my 22 year commitment to managing our household has suddenly changed.  I have also survived 16 months beyond the suicide of my beloved partner. I have taken a year-long sabbatical from my job as an educational facilitator. The only autumn of my life, from the time before age 4, that I didn’t go back to school was the year I gave birth to my first son. This is a radical change of pace.
I am taking a giant entrepreneurial leap and creating a website to be my hub for the services and healing work I am choosing to offer in the world. I am ready to redefine my work and share my gifts in a way that is not confined by state standards and regulations. I am ready to share the strategies for survival I have put into my tool belt during this past year and a half. I am ready to take my teaching, mothering, and nurturing to the next level.

This world needs us to show up more authentically and fully.

I am committed to doing that!

phoenix-websiteTo create this site and blog, I journeyed to Sebastopol, CA to meet with Copperwoman, long time friend and technowitch. We worked side by side in a beautiful home in the redwoods, where I could visit with turkeys, horses, and the glory of the moist land on my breaks. For the last few days we were in her friend Deena’s home which she opens to local sisters as a temple space to sing, gather, pray, laugh and support each other. I felt so held in my creative endeavors of birthing a new life for myself and those that I will influence and support. It was a gift of perfection to be creating this in such healthy natural and community ecosystems. I am blessed. Giving thanks!!!! May my work in the world always be offered in prayer and sacredness. May my gifts and insights help to spread deep rivers of peace, inspiration, gratitude, forgiveness, hope, joy, and love. ~*~*~You are loved!~*~*~

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