Swimming Confidence

I learned to swim at 6 months old and spent my summers playing in pools, lakes, and the ocean. I was a competitive swimmer in my teens and have been a life guard, assisted with swim team coaching, and have taught swimming confidence lessons.

Most recently I have completed all 3 levels of Aguahara training and I am developing courses incorporating aquatic dance, aguahara, human connection, and play.

underwater swimming

I often describe my experience in life as being a water creature trapped in a land creature body; I am much more at ease in water than I am on land.

I love to help people gain confidence in water by easing anxiety, and offering stroke work to make movements more efficient.


My daughter has progressed in her swimming skills every class that she participates in. Her confidence in the water has grown in a short time. Kelly truly teaches kids to be confident in the water. Not only is she teaching swimming, but she is saving lives.”

~Jennifer White


I am available for private or semi-private lessons

for all ages.


Kelly swimming with child

I have taught children as young as 6 months
and adults in their 80's.


My private lessons can be catered to your needs and desires ranging from:

  •  beginning swimming instruction for any age
  • stroke work & confidence skills training
  • healing water traumas & fear
  • guided night swims in lakes or the sea
  • assisted distance swimming and/or coaching
  •  deep diving

(All lessons include a component of swimming/water safety & self-rescue.)

In the summer months of June-September I offer swimming confidence lessons in Lake Siskiyou or The Wellness Center pool in Mount Shasta, California and private pools. During the fall I offer private & semi-private lessons at The Wellness Center indoor pool in Mt. Shasta, CA.

During the winter, I offer lessons in varying tropical places such as Mexico, Hawaii, or the Caribbean as I travel.

To register for The Wellness Center or Lake Siskiyou swimming confidence lesson series write to me at: inspiregratitude@gmail.com


Mt. Shasta Summer 2023 Rates:

1/2 hour lesson at The Wellness Center:
$42.50 private lesson for 1 student, or $25 each semi-private split between 2 swimmers of similar ability

1/2 hour lake lesson:   $35 private lesson for 1 student, or $22 each semi-private split between 2 swimmers of similar ability

Contact me at inspiregratitude@gmail.com to schedule a lesson.

My daughter Muira is 5 years old. She had taken beginning swim lessons from Kelly last summer, and she had major breakthroughs this year. After just TWO lessons she was confident enough to swim on her own without any floatation. She's diving underwater, and has an understanding for what safety is while swimming. Kelly is simply the best, we are so grateful for lessons with her. 

~Tristan Magee
"Our son was terrified of swimming. And, as a family who spends a lot of time in rivers and lakes, we knew we needed to do something. Kelly was amazing with him. She was patient and kind and respectful of him at all times. Over the summer, he went from not ever wanting to put his head underwater to being a swimmer who now NEVER wants to get out of the water. We are forever grateful and know we could not have gotten to this place without Kelly's special attention and skillful teaching. Thank you, Kelly!"
~Andy, Courtney, and Sage Marx