Yoga & Authentic Movement Practice Offerings


My wholistic approach to therapeutic yoga and authentic movement practices take into account your body’s inner wisdom, issues and injuries, and repetitive movements in your daily life.

After assessing your body’s sets of strengths and challenges, I design a customized and nurturing yoga, massage, and movement session for your body. You will be guided to listen deeply and trust your body’s intuitive knowing. You will be given recommendations for poses and practices that best suit your body’s needs and lifestyle.

"I am a Doctor of Chiropractic for almost forty years so I know body work. Kelly McRee calls her work Yin Yoga, yet that does not even begin to define the magic she brings to her private sessions. There were a few moments that I felt as if my body were more REAL than it had ever felt before. She is gifted beyond her own awareness."

~Alan Cooper

My primary goals are that you come away from your session feeling nurtured and empowered to continue the work we do together as part of your daily practices to enhance your long-term health and happiness in your body.

I am available to work with individuals privately, with couples, or with small groups up to 6 people. I have training in yin yoga and Principle-Based Partner Yoga, which can be used to address interpersonal relationship issues through touch and connections without the verbal processing. Partner yoga also enhances the depth of stretch and opportunities to heal intimacy issues that cannot be achieved alone. Yin yoga allows for deep openings in our physical and emotional bodies by elongating our connective tissue while holding postures for  3-5 minutes.


"Therapeutic yoga with Kelly has helped me tremendously. Kelly provided a safe, supportive and encouraging environment that is ideal for healing. During this process my mind slowed way down allowing me to go much deeper into stretches and truly connect with the emotions that I was holding onto. It is an amazing experience to feel the physical tightness and the emotions just let go into a relaxed state. To me this was more relaxing than a massage. Kelly is very friendly and easy to connect with. She is very knowledgeable of body and was able to guide me into stretches that were tailored just for my needs as well as being mindful of an injury. I can’t wait to work with her again. "

~Shannon Green

Partner yoga

Learn more about yin yoga.

Learn more about Principle-Based Partner Yoga.


Private yin and/or partner yoga sessions

(1-2 people): $70 per hour


Small group yin, hatha, or partner yoga classes

(5-6 people): $12-20 per person, sliding scale

Kids’ and Teens’ Yoga Classes

My classes designed for your specific group of young people could be taught as a series or as a single class for a special occasion, such as a birthday party or as a childcare activity for your event.

My young kids’ classes incorporate cooperative games and stories, yoga and cardio exercises, educational components, and tips for a healthy life.

My teens’ classes are designed to give the students practices they can incorporate into their daily lives to manage stress, feel comfortable in their bodies, and to develop healthy foundations for long-term health.

Young kids’ or teens’ yoga classes (up to 12 children):

Group rate: $12-20 per person, sliding scale (minimum of 5 people for a group class)

Kids Yoga
teen yoga