Beauty in fluid motion: A healing dance weaving together massage, yoga, stillness, relaxation, meditative presence, and somatic therapy with the magic of water.

Each session is individualized and unique. An Aguahara session begins, similar to Wastu, with gentle movements, massage and stretching on the surface. This branch of aquatic therapy also includes underwater moves that create an experience of expansion, a feeling of flight and freedom, and often a journey into other realms where a wide variety of possibilities exist for experiencing pure joy, emotional release and somatic healing.


Kelly is currently offering private aguahara sessions
in the San Francisco Bay Area:

The Inner Sanctum in Woodside, CA
(Located about about 1 hour from Oakland, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz and nested deep in the healing embrace of nature.)
3 Sisters Kuanyin Temple & Wellness Pool in Oakland, CA


Personal mini-retreats at the Inner Sanctum:

1-2 day individual retreats focusing on nourishment, body~mind~spirit healing,
and/or moving grief and trauma through the body.

These are customized and can include aguahara sessions, massage, yoga, spiritual bathing, time in nature, grief/trauma somatic work, talk therapy, and nourishing meals

Reach out through email or phone to schedule.



To learn more about this aquatic practice, check out this video with the founder of Aguahara: Alexander Siebenstern and my teacher, Sandra Morell.


“My three aguahara sessions with Kelly have been profoundly moving and eye-opening. She is a gifted and intuitive practitioner whose capacity for empathy, compassion, and nurturing has reconnected me with the importance of self love and acceptance.The underwater experiences felt safe and totally relaxing because of the trust inspired by Kelly. She was highly responsive to my body language and verbal feedback and we are keen to continue exploring the opportunities for the healing of buried emotional pain offered by aguahara. The physical massage and movement felt magical too! I highly recommend this healing experience if you get the opportunity!"

~Amanda, England

April 2024

Aguahara Training & Residency

at the Inner Sanctum:

If you are interested in a deep dive into this aquatic art, somatic healing, & bodywork check out these offerings facilitated by the founder of Aguahara, Alex Siebenstern, who is traveling from Germany to be here with us!

Aguahara Level I: "Initiation"
April 8-14
     The foundational course of the 3 levels of certificated aguahara training.
This is a residential training with all meals included.
Living Waters: A 10-day Residency for Aquatic Exploration
April 17 -26
     Through immersive exploration and hands-on research, you'll uncover the profound healing properties of water medicine.
Living Waters is a warm water lab for co-creation and discovery of what is possible in the realm of liquid group experiences.
This is a residential collaborative experience
with all meals included.

Contact me for more details: