Breast & Belly Casting

Belly casting is often done to honor a pregnant woman as she is transitioning into motherhood. I have helped create these sacred art pieces in collaboration with the mother's friends during a blessing way ceremony or worked one-on-one with women in the privacy of their homes. I provide all materials, facilitate the belly casting, and clean up afterwards. If desired, I can provide consultation, art materials, and collaborate in decorating the belly cast as well.


Breast Casting


I began casting breasts 8 years ago in an effort to collect a variety of breast casts for an installation art piece that will eventually go to Burning Man and other festivals. I quickly realized that the greater work is in the profound experiences that women have while doing the casting. While completing breast casts, I have witnessed women sharing deep personal stories, healing body image issues, honoring their bodies, and discovering new levels of comfort with their own bodies and among other women.


I am now offering to bring the experience of breast casting for your gathering of women. You can choose to keep your casts or donate them to the installation art piece. I also bring other undecorated breast casts that women can complete if they desire to have their art included in the installation piece. I provide all materials and assist with clean up.

Consultation and basic belly casts start at $95.
Breast casting parties for up to 10 people start at $195.
Depending on your location, a transportation fee may apply.

I am available in the San Francisco Bay area, Northern California, southern Oregon, and Portland in the months of June  - October.

Contact me at to discuss location, dates, and pricing.