Competent Crew Services

Kelly sailed with me for 5 months and hundreds of miles in the NE Caribbean, mostly as the only crew, including several overnight passages. She is always upbeat and happy with a positive attitude and easy to be around - great attributes for living in a small space. Kelly can catch, clean, and cook fish like a pro, especially the cooking part. I was well feed when she was crew. Kelly also has a beautiful singing voice, guitar work and song writing skills that make her a hit at beach parties. She is an all around great addition to any sailboat that sails.

~ Captain Ray of S/V Katherine Lee

During the past 5 winters I have spent a total of 17 months living and assisting on sailboats in Panama, Columbia, Belize, Grenada, Florida, Mexico to El Salvador, and the Eastern Caribbean and have well over 2000nm of crew experience. In the 2019-2020 season I crewed on a sailboat traveling to many countries between Guadeloupe and the USVI for 5 months.

I own a 22' sailboat, which I sail in lakes in the summer in Northern California.

I have many skills to offer between my experiences as a sailor, diver, mother, teacher, property and sailboat owner, yoga and swimming instructor, seamstress, whole-foods cook for my friends and family, and host for my hostel guests.

I am creative, resourceful, self-reliant, easy-going and on a mission to create mutually beneficial experiences.

I have been a certified scuba diver since I was 13. I am very interested in sea life and coral reef ecology and love sharing what I know and learn.

I am an excellent swimmer, healthy cook, know CPR/first aid/herbal remedies, and am great with all kinds of people. I am a valuable, attentive, hard-working, joyful member of any team!

I teach yoga, swimming lessons, and offer Aguahara (water massage therapy) sessions and enjoy playing guitar, ukulele, and the handpan. I am passionate about swimming, studying reef creatures, and going into small villages and getting to know locals and their customs.

I eat a pretty simple and healthy sugar-free & grain-free diet, but I am willing to cook things I'm not eating for my crew.

I am interested in finding work on a sailboat and I am also happy to find work-trade arrangements for owner~operators. I have no intention of going back to my teaching job and I freelance to earn money when I can as I travel. I love living on the water!!

Thanks for considering me.