I am passionate about helping people who are:

  • feeling stuck and wanting to make big changes in their lives
  • experiencing deep grief
  • surviving trauma and/or suicide
  • working with PTSD
  • desiring to transform traumatic experiences into opportunities for growth
  •  struggling with eating disorders & sugar addiction
  • single-parenting and looking for creative solutions to have the best life possible

I also specialize in academic counseling for homeschool or independent study education, including assessing learning styles and offering curriculum recommendations.

I work in a wholistic way: assessing your lifestyle, your routines, your beliefs and cultural conditioning, and your needs and desires, and use this understanding to guide you to the most effective ways to help you make changes that create the life you desire.

My experience comes from overcoming my life's challenges, providing counseling during my charter school work experience, living in the spiritual community of Mount Shasta, California for 23 years, studying with healers & herbalists in Central America, surviving my partner's suicide and learning strategies to work with PTSD, raising two boys as a single parent, as well as participating in and teaching at the Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium for over 25 years. I have acquired knowledge of many healing modalities including aguahara (aquatic therapy), creative self-help techniques, sound healing, nutrition, yin and partner yoga & massage, art, dance, community, and grief therapies, animal & plant medicine, and other outside-the-box skills.

You can learn more about me here or email

I am available for phone, or in-person sessions in your home (depending on your location) or in my cabin south of Mount Shasta.

Contact me at for more information or to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

I am also available for customized 1/2 day - 3 day mini-retreats including a combo of my services in my rustic cabin at the Crossroads, south of Mount Shasta, California.

Contact me at for more information or to discuss your custom private retreat at the Crossroads cabin.

Prices vary with services offered. Email me for details.

Being in Kelly's presence is like coming home to the divine mother. She holds you with sacredness, kindness and unconditional love. She is able to cut through the darkness with her uncanny ability to see truth. It has been an honor to spend time with this powerful healer. I highly recommend her retreats if you have been experiencing struggles in your life and you need to be deeply purified in a quick and powerful way.

~Ariah Valesquez