Immerse yourself into warm, mineral spring water and explore the profound experiences of Aguahara and aquatic dance with a small community of friends.

Together we will journey into a deep connection with the waters of our individual beings and live, heal, dance, grieve, and play together as a community to create a profound experience for all.


Each day participants have the opportunity to join class sessions, soak in the rejuvenating mineral water pools, and nourish your body, mind, and spirit deeply with nutritious meals and supportive community experiences.

Our classes will focus on accessing the depths of ourselves, creating exponential healing through community therapy, and shining light into the darkest places. Through this model of community therapy we can leave a big impact on each other’s lives enabling the healing medicine that we all carry to ripple out into the world.

Everyday we will gather in the mineral water pool from 12:00- 3:00 to explore and discover these aquatic arts, experience a feeling of freedom & flight, uncover new ways to move & play in water, release & heal trauma, connect with other realms, and hold & nurture one another.

You will come away from this retreat with the knowledge of how to safely float someone in the water and the ability to create improvised, aquatic contact dance with a small group of people.

In the evenings you will be treated to a beautiful meal, have time to integrate the day’s experiences solo or in community, and enjoy the soaking pools under the stars.

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The retreat includes:

  • 5 nights at Summerlake Hot Springs
  • Small group Aguahara & aquatic dance explorations
  • Natural, geothermally heated mineral water pools with no chemicals 
  • Dinners & breakfast/brunch buffet
  • Opportunities for co-created community activities
  • Handouts on aquatic dance & Aguahara fundamentals
  • Use of nose clips & leg floaties
  • Your choice of a private or shared cabin, camping, or RV spot (accommodation prices vary)
aquatic friends


  • Laughter, play, and sacred silliness!
  • Safe container with principles to unify the group 
  • Limited number of participants to keep the integrity of our community therapy experience
  • Opportunities to honor and support community members on our unique healing journeys
  • Dry lake bed in walking distance of your accommodation (similar to the playa of Burning Man)
  • Yoga on outdoor platform (weather dependent)
  • Breathtaking views of the high desert with epic sunsets & sunrises
  • Night time stargazing with no light pollution
  • Outdoor fire pits 
  • Hiking and biking paths throughout the property

There are opportunities for reduced-price tickets for people with challenging life circumstances and financial hardship. Please send us an email explaining your situation and why you want to attend the retreat.

If you are financially abundant and want to donate to our sponsorship program please send us an email or simply make a donation using the paypal/venmo links below!

Together we can create a more balanced system and shrink the disparity between poverty and wealth!!


This unique experience is limited to 20 people, so please register early.

Retreat price price includes 5 days of aquatic classes, live music, group facilitation, access to course materials & equipment, and meals from Sunday night to Friday morning.


Our sliding scale enables those who have abundance to support Healing Waters in our mission to make this more accessible to our lower income participants.

Prices below are the high end of the sliding scale. The scale slides $100 below these prices.

Please fill out the registration form when you are ready to reserve your spot with a payment. 

Shared Price ~ 2 people, 2 beds
Private Price ~ 1 person, 1 bed
Couple Price ~ 2 people, 1 bed

lux cabins

Best views on the property and our most spacious cabins!

Panorama of the wide open desert
Closest to bathhouse and soaking pools

1 King bed in a private bedroom and
1 queen bed
Bathroom with shower
Large kitchen & dining area
Front porch

Shared Price: $1300 per person
Private Price: $2100
Couple Price: $2300

studio cabins

Private studio cabin with queen bed
Fully equipped kitchen
Bathroom with shower

(showers available in bathhouse & RV site)

Private Price: $1200
Couple Price: $1950

unique cabins

Quaint studio cabins
Two queen beds in separate nooks
Fully equipped kitchen
Bathroom with shower

Shared: $1050 per person
Private Price: $2050
Couple Price: $2000


2 queen beds
Fully equipped kitchen
Bathroom with shower

Shared: $1150 per person
Private Price: $2150
Couple Price: $2100


Campers have access to the showers & toilets in the bathhouse and RV camping area. There is also a port-o-potty conveniently located in the campground.

**Summerlake is located in a wide-open, high desert climate. Temperatures and winds can be unpredictable.


Camping with hookups:
$775 per person
$700 per person for 2 people in one RV


Campers have access to the showers & toilets in the bathhouse and RV camping area. There is also a port-o-potty conveniently located in the campground.

**Summerlake is located in a wide-open, high desert climate. Temperatures and winds can be unpredictable.


Camping without hookups:
$675 per person


Aguahara "BONUS" Package: $222

This package includes a small group skills practice session with Kelly PLUS a 1:1 Aguahara session with Kelly, a pair of floaties, and a nose clip!



Aguahara Sessions:

If you wish to receive a 1:1, therapeutic Aguahara session with an aquatic bodywork practitioner, there will be a limited number of sessions available during free time at the retreat.

Sessions are offered at a sliding scale $90-150


Aguahara is an aquatic bodywork, merging many healing modalities, meditative presence, and dance into a continuous flow. In a state of weightlessness and deep relaxation, we experience expansion and often journey into other realms where a wide variety of possibilities exist for emotional release and somatic healing. Being embraced by the wisdom of water while being held by each other is deeply nourishing for the body, mind and spirit.

To learn more about Aguahara visit my Aguahara Page.


As I enter my wisdom years, I feel the call to share the gifts I have found on my life’s journey while moving through tragedy and trauma. Water has always been a consistent safe haven and place of reverence and healing, a source of freedom and joy for me. This retreat allows me the opportunity to weave together water and the somatic experiences that saved my life during my darkest days!

I hope you can join us for this extraordinary gathering.

I look forward to sharing my passion for these beautiful, therapeutic water arts with you

To read more about Kelly visit the About page


I had the extreme pleasure of attending Kelly’s Aguahara Retreat at Summerlake Hot Springs. Kelly created a friendly, fun, and healing atmosphere for us to learn & practice aquatic bodywork in. We also got to play with a kind of aquatic contact improv that I recommend highly for anyone who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to dive into that form of ecstatic communion.  Additionally the facility itself is an aquatic bodyworker's dream! The Summerlake main hot pool is a delightful temperature, the desert sky is epically beautiful, and the cabins are very cozy, comfortable, and close to the springs. In just a few days I felt myself completely unwind, relax, and even begin to restructure myself. Being fed delicious meals nourished me deeply. I was able to simply be present & work on my own healing process. For anyone who can attend one of Kelly’s retreats: do!

~Mori Natura


This will be Kelly’s fourth retreat at Summerlake Hot Springs. We are so grateful to have access to this facility for this event!

Much of Summerlake is built and designed by the owner and his team. The cabins have a quirky charm and geothermal heated floors to keep us warm on chilly nights.

Summerlake has one large indoor pool (4-5 feet deep) and 2-3 soaking tubs which range from 1-3 feet deep. The large pool is located in the pool house which also contains 2 showers, 2 toilets and several changing stalls.


Summerlake is 2 hours from Bend, 5 hours from Portland, 3.5 hours from Medford, and 6.5 hours from Sacramento.

Get directions to Summerlake here.

Our team


The October 2023 Summerlake Aguahara Retreat is organized by Kelly McRee and Jazzy Pignatello. They are currently hard at work preparing and producing an unforgettable experience for each one of you!

See you soon,


Kelly and Jazzy


If you are ready to make a deposit please fill out the Registration Form
*You will receive a confirmation email with your total cost before officially reserving your spot in the retreat.
*Payment can be made by cash, check, paypal, venmo, zelle, or credit card.


Feel free to fill out the form below or send us an email!

Email: prayersforwater@gmail.com

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Community Agreement, Consent & Safe Container Policy:

We ask all participants to uphold the integrity of our healing space by adhering to our We ask all participants to uphold the integrity of our healing space by adhering to our community principles & consent and safe container policies:

Community effort and empowerment
Self-expression and participation

Nourishing, Peaceful & Supportive Interaction
Creating transformational healing experiences together
Sacred silliness

Aguahara Retreat Policies:

Inclusivity: We welcome people of all races, genders, body types, physicality, age (18 and over), sexual identity, etc.

Nudity: You may choose to be topless/nude in the bathhouse and soaking pools between 9pm-7am 🙂
Please use a towel to sit on in any public area.

Sexual activity: No sexual activity in the public areas including the bathhouse & soaking pools. Consensual sexual activities are welcome in your own tent, car, or private cabin.

Consent and Boundaries: We empower all participants to state their own boundaries and require that you respect each others' as well.

Alcohol: No alcohol please.

Pets: Well-behaved pets are allowed at Summerlake for an additional fee. They are not allowed in the bathhouse or around outdoor soaking tubs.

Children: This retreat is an 18 and over event.

Deal Breaker: It is critical that we all do our part in creating a safe container for all participants’ healing journeys. If any action taken by a participant conflicts with Kelly McRee/Aguahara Retreat or Summerlake's Policies, choosing to do so may result in removal from the venue without refund.



Refund policy:

Full refund (retreat + accommodations) offered up until August 31st.


Individual retreat cost refunds

Fully refundable up until September 30th.
50% refundable in October


Accommodation cost refunds:

75% refundable up until September 15th,
50% refundable between Sept. 16th-30th
Non-refundable in October,
with exceptions for illness (including COVID exposure, injury, or family emergency)