Aguahara Hot Springs Retreat

Summerlake Hot Springs Retreat in

South-Eastern Oregon, June 5-8, 2022


Immerse yourself into warm, mineral spring water to explore the profound experience of Aguahara with a small community of friends.

Aguahara is an aquatic bodywork, merging many healing modalities, meditative presence, and dance into a continuous flow. In a state of weightlessness and deep relaxation, we experience expansion and often journey into other realms where a wide variety of possibilities exist for emotional release and somatic healing. Being embraced by the wisdom of water while being held by each other is deeply nourishing for the body, mind and spirit.

Together we will journey into a deep connection with the waters of our being, while safely being floated and danced in body temperature water.

During our two sessions a day in the mineral water pool, we will discover this aquatic art, relax & massage the body, experience a feeling of freedom & flight, release & heal trauma, connect with other realms, hold and nurture one another.

You will come away from this retreat with the knowledge of how to safely float someone in the water and the ability to create improvised aquatic contact dance with a small group of people.

Gentle yoga & relaxing handpan music will be offered each morning on a platform overlooking the vast expanse of the high desert.


During the retreat we will co-create a ritual to honor transitions, rites of passage, and grief & gratitude in your life.


In the evenings you will be treated to a beautiful meal, have time to integrate the day’s experiences, and enjoy the soaking pools under the stars.

     This unique experience is limited to a small group of people, so please register early.        Just send an email using the message box below.

The retreat includes 5 small group aguahara & aquatic dance explorations, 3 yoga classes, live handpan meditations, dinner & snacks each day and your choice of a private or shared cabin, camping or RV spot. The retreat, including your choice of accommodation for 3 nights is offered at a sliding scale as follows:

Shared cabins (2 people/2 beds): $520-570 each

Private cabin with one bed (1 person): $700-750, (2 people): $975-1025

(Cabins all have fully equipped kitchens & private bathrooms.)

Camping: $350-400

RV spot with hook-ups: $380-430

(Campers have access to the shower & toilet in the bathhouse.)

Early bird registration before March 30th receives a 5% discount! 

Please reach out via email below to register or if you have any questions.

I look forward to sharing my passion for this beautiful, therapeutic water art with you!

If you wish to receive a private, therapeutic aguahara session with Kelly, there will be a limited number of time slots available during the workshop, or add an additional night relaxing, soaking, and receive a session during the afternoon, evening, or morning following the workshop. Sessions are offered at a sliding scale $85-150. Email Kelly to request to book a session.

To learn more about Aguahara visit my Aguahara Page.

To read more about Kelly visit my About page.

To learn more about Summerlake Hot Springs visit their site.

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