Healing Waters Retreat

Summer Solstice: June 18 - 23, 2023
Summerlake Hot Springs, southeastern Oregon

Living in community and weaving together the magic of water with participatory music, dance & movement practices, ritual, grief work, and world-bridging in the expansive nature of the high desert, we will co-create a safe container for expression, somatic exploration,
aquatic investigation and healing.

We are blessed to be able to host this intimate retreat during the Summer Solstice and new moon! 

Our classes and ceremonies will focus on accessing the depths of ourselves, creating exponential healing through community therapy, and shining light into the darkest places.  

At Healing Waters, we empower participants to access their gifts and share their personal medicine bundles. Through this model of community therapy we can leave a big impact on each other’s lives enabling the healing medicine that we all carry to ripple out into the world.

As I enter my wisdom years, I feel the call to share the gifts I have found on my life’s journey while moving through tragedy and trauma. 

At Healing Waters, I am able to offer you the opportunity to weave together the magic of water and the somatic experiences that saved my life during my darkest days, with the support of an incredible team of facilitators! I hope you can join us for this extraordinary and unique gathering.     ~Kellyfish

What to Expect

~ Nourishment ~ Restoration ~ CommUnity ~ Connection ~ Creativity ~ Laughter ~ Balance ~ Play ~ Healing ~ Ceremony ~ Fun ~


Together we will journey into a deep connection with the waters of our individual beings and live, heal, dance, grieve, and play together as a community to create a profound experience for all. 

At Healing Waters you will experience participatory vocal and sound activation workshops, aguahara and aquatic dance classes in our geothermally heated pool, Contact Improvisation, ecstatic dance, yoga with live music, grief work, and more!

Each day participants have the opportunity to join class sessions, soak in the rejuvenating mineral water pools, participate in rituals and song circles, and nourish your body, mind, and spirit deeply with organic, vegetarian meals and supportive community experiences. 

What's Included

  • 5 nights at Summerlake Hot Springs
  • Living in community at the only private retreat offered at Summerlake!
  • Natural, geothermally heated mineral water pools with no chemicals 


  • Aquatic classes, sound/vocal empowerment, grief work, and movement classes
  • Daily yoga with live music
  • Participatory live music jams
  • CommUnity fireside song circles 
  • Sound healings
  • Grief Ritual 
  • Summer Solstice ceremony & celebration
  • Daily commUnity synchronizations
  • Ecstatic dances, contact improv and aquatic dance jams
  • Laughter, play, & sacred silliness


  • Safe container with principles to unify the group 
  • Limited number of participants to keep the integrity of our community therapy experience
  • Opportunities to honor and support community members on our unique healing journeys
  • Access to support from mental and physical health professionals on our staff


  • Breathtaking views of the high desert with epic sunsets & sunrises
  • Night time stargazing with no light pollution and a new moon
  • Outdoor fire pits 
  • Hiking and biking paths throughout the property
  • Dry lake bed in walking distance of your accommodation (similar to the playa of Burning Man)

Last 3 days to register! We have just a few spots still open!

Our facilitators and sacred space holders

Kelly McRee aka Kellyfish

Aquatic Investigator and Water Healer 
Healing Waters Creatrix
YouTube: @kellyfish_aquatic
IG: @kellyfish_healing_waters

David Blink

Sound artist offering sound journeys and community music experiences
YouTube: @DavidBlink

João Paulo Pereira, aka Ankor

Water Whisperer
Founder of BASA Yoga

IG: @joaopauloyoga 

Shannon Sahaja

Embodied alchemist, inspiring others through nourishment, play, and kindness

(photo credit: Ben Geo)

mantra music meditation and quantum healing
ecstatic dance DJ

Lara Lwin Treadaway

Mending the web through creating and holding spaces of reverence, repair and reciprocity with land, animals, and people.

Jen Coffey

Holder of sacred space for transformation

A Sampling of Some of our Class Offerings:

(with more special surprises, classes, and special guests to be announced….)

(Space will be limited in each class due to our pool's capacity. To be guaranteed your 1st choice of one aquatic class daily, there are add on packages available for the first 24 people who choose to purchase them. Participants who do not purchase the add ons will still have the opportunity to sign up for available spaces in the aquatic classes offered during Healing Waters Retreat.)

Please note: The outdoor soaking pools are available to all participants throughout the event and the bathhouse pool is available when classes are not in session.

Unlimited capacity land classes will be happening at the same time as aquatic classes, so there is always a class to pick from! 

The Water’s Edge as Your Dance Partner
Explore the edge of the water in solo and partner dances. Find the places of above & below in your aquatic dance where we investigate gravity, floating, and the influence of gravity on movements below the surface.

Intro to Aguahara: The Basics of Floating a Body

Surrender and be held. Hold and nurture another. In this experiential workshop, you will get a hands-on intro to the basics of surface work in aguahara.

Undercurrent: Dancing Your Inner Waters
Slow down, soften & attune deeply. From stillness to fluidity, find your authentic embodied movement. You will dance not just in, but *with* the waters in & around you, connecting with Self & others.

water altar.lara
photo credit: Whitney Peper


Restorative Contact
~Shannon Sahaja
Join a touch safe space for holding ourselves and each other in reverence and respect.  Slowing Down to deeply attune and listen to ourselves and each other. This class is designed to support co-regulation and emotional intimacy with our Contact Improvisation.   Finding the FULL STOP and FULL permission to REST in contact with another.  Come bask in the presence of a clear container set for co- regulation and healthy parameters.

BASA stands for breath, awareness, strength, and alignment, the foundational principles of João's practice. This playful movement journey will support you in tapping into subtleties of the energetic arts as well as embodying more fluidity, grace, and groundedness in your being.

Awakening The Dancer
~Jen Coffey
This will be a confidential space for movement exploration. There are no steps, no choreography to learn. No experience needed. Just a body and breath. MOVEMENT MEDICINE® is a body-based movement meditation practice that will reconnect you to the wisdom of living from the heart, the joy of knowing who you are and the satisfaction of making your unique contribution to life.

Grief Bundles & Sacred Altars
~Lara Lwin Treadaway
Create sacred grief medicine bundles from gifts gathered from the land in preparation for our Community Grief Ritual. We will also begin the process of preparing and beautifying the altars that will be the focus for this communal ritual in honor of the earth, the water, our grief, the ancestors, and our hopes for healing and peace. We will learn about different aspects of altar building from clarifying intention, set and setting, gathering/storing ritual objects, honoring the elements, calling in allies and ancestors, and working with a personal altar for self-care and spiritual connection. This class will include song and prayer as we come together in beloved community to co-create a space for grieving together and releasing what we have been carrying alone.

Time and Space Scores
This class looks into aspects of timing, exploring space, and some scores to generate material.  sensing ourselves, sensing where we are in relation to others, and using the space to influence our curiosity and interest. There will be exercises that allow us to experience different ways of perceiving. We can always ask ourselves what is perceivable.

Aquatic Yoga Flow

Come to your mat ready to deeply listen to your body’s inner wisdom. Kellyfish will guide you through a creative, flowing, and restorative yoga asana journey with a live soundtrack.

Flow of Activities:

Sunday, June 18th:
1:00 - 4:00   arrival & welcome home,
commUnity synchronization,
class sessions, water & land blessing ceremony,
fireside song circle

Monday, June 19th:
class sessions, ecstatic dance, fireside song circle/aquatic dance jam

Tuesday, June 20th:
class sessions & grief ceremony, sound journey, aquatic dance jam

Wednesday, June 21st:
class sessions, summer solstice ritual, fireside song circle/aquatic dance jam

Thursday, June 22nd:
class sessions, water and stars sound journey & aquatic and land dance jam

Friday, June 23rd:
Check out of cabins at 9:00, closing ceremony

Accomodations and Pricing

Prices include 5 nights, all aquatic and land classes, community rituals, access to the hot springs, sound journeys, dance jams, grief work, and an incredible support team.
Our sliding scale enables those who have abundance to support Healing Waters in our mission to make this more accessible to our lower income participants. 

Shared Price = shared accommodation, each person has their own bed
Private Price = one person in a private cabin
Couple Price = two people in a private cabin


summerlake bathhouse at sunrise

Luxury Private Cabins


Best views on the property in our most spacious cabins!
Panorama of the wide open desert and closest to the bathhouse and soaking pools.

+ 1 King bed in a private bedroom
+ 1 queen bed
+ Bathroom and shower
+ Large kitchen & dining area
+ Front porch with epic views

Shared: $1200-$1300 per person
Private: $2000-$2100 sliding scale
Couple Price $2200-2300


Studio Cabins

***SOLD OUT***

Private studio space
Queen bed with kitchen
Bathroom with no shower (showers available in bathhouse & RV site)


Private: $1100-$1200
Couple: $1850-$1950


Unique Cabins


Studio cabins with two queen beds
Fully equipped kitchen
Bathroom with shower

Shared: $1050-$1150 per person
Private: $2050-$2150
Couple price: $2000-$2100




2 queen beds per spacious duplex
Fully-equipped kitchen, living & dining room with large windows, bathroom with shower

Shared: $1075-$1175 per person
Private: $2150-$2250
Couple price $2100-$2200


Cozy Duplex (private or couple)


This duplex has a full living & dining room with a sunrise view! Get nice and cozy in this fully furnished one bedroom house.
One queen in private bedroom, fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower


Private: $1800-$1900
Couple: $2100-2200


XL Homestead House


A great opportunity for a group of friends to share this space together! This spacious house has 2 queen beds and a full, a cozy living room, dining room, a large kitchen, and a porch overlooking the desert.
This could be shared by a combination of singles and/or couples.

If you want to rent the whole 3 bedroom house with other friends or couples, there is a place to note this in the registration form.


Shared rate (one person per bedroom): $1050-$1150 per person
Shared house couple rate (two people in one of the bedrooms): $1900-$2000


Tent, Car, or RV Camping:

RV camping with hookups:
$775-$875 per person
$725-$825 per person for 2 people in one RV


Tent or car camping: $675-$775 per person


**These spots are limited due to small event capacity. Register early to secure a campsite!

**Campers have access to the showers & toilets in the bathhouse and RV camping area. There is also a port-o-potty conveniently located in the campground.

**Summerlake is located in a wide-open, high desert climate. Temperatures and winds can be unpredictable.

Sponsorship Program

We will offer a few reduced-price camping tickets for people with challenging life circumstances and financial hardship. Please send us an email explaining your situation and why you want to attend Healing Waters.

If you are financially abundant and want to donate to our sponsorship program please send us an email or simply make a donation using the paypal/venmo links below!

Together we can create a more balanced system and shrink the disparity between poverty and wealth!!!


Optional Add-ons:


The Aquatic Immersion Package

***SOLD OUT***

Guaranteed enrollment in your first pick of one of our limited capacity aquatic classes daily.  PLUS an Aguahara starter kit including all of the following:

* Pair of leg floaties
* 2 Nose clips
* One-on-one Aguahara session with Kellyfish
* (only 4 available)


Water Love Package

***SOLD OUT***

Guaranteed enrollment in your first pick of one of our limited capacity aquatic classes daily (Sunday - Thursday).

*(only 20 available)


The Meal Plan
High Vibe Alchemy Plant-Based Food by Lillkoi

Two beautiful, organic, locally-sourced vegetarian or vegan meals every day for just $175 per person for the whole event
(dinner Sunday - breakfast Friday) 

+ Breakfast bar
+ Dinner buffet
+ GF or Vegan upon request

 I look forward to sharing my passion for community therapy, water arts, commUnity music & ritual, and dancing on land and in water with you!


The June 2023 Healing Waters Retreat is organized by Kelly McRee and Jazzy Pignatello.

They are currently hard at work preparing and producing an extraordinary experience for each one of you!

"I had the extreme pleasure of attending Kelly’s Aguahara Retreat at Summerlake Hot Springs. Kelly created a friendly, fun, and healing atmosphere for us to learn & practice aquatic bodywork in. We also got to play with a kind of aquatic contact improv that I recommend highly for anyone who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to dive into that form of ecstatic communion.  Additionally the facility itself is an aquatic body workers dream! The Summerlake main hot pool is a delightful temperature, the desert sky is epically beautiful, and the cabins are very cozy, comfortable, and close to the springs. In just a few days I felt myself completely unwind, relax, and even begin to restructure myself. Being fed delicious meals nourished me deeply. I was able to simply be present & work on my own healing process. For anyone who can attend one of Kelly’s retreats: do!"

~Mori Natura

About Summerlake Hot Springs

Summerlake, located on 145 acres in the expansive high desert near Paisley, Oregon, has 3 outdoor soaking pools (104 degrees) and an indoor bathhouse (98 degrees). There are 11 unique cabins and duplexes on the property and plenty of room to feel inspired by the 360 degree views. 

Kellyfish has produced two successful Aguahara retreats at Summerlake. We are so blessed to have access to this facility for a private, yet intimate larger-scale healing event! 

Summerlake is located in Paisley, Oregon. Two hours drive from Bend, 5 hours from Portland, 3.5 hours from Medford, 6.5 hours from Sacramento, CA.

Healing Waters Policies:

*We ask all participants to adhere to our community principles and consent and safe container policies which you will receive before completing your registration.
*18 and over only please
*This is an alcohol-free event
*No pets

Refund policy

75% of total cost refundable until April 15th
50% of total cost refundable between April 16th - May 15th
Non-refundable between May 16th - June 18th (with exceptions for illness, injuries or emergencies)

Event cancellation policy:

If we have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be offered a place at a future event or a refund.  

COVID-19 Precautions and Policies:

We will be gathering largely in outdoor spaces. The nature of this event is for human interaction and most classes will have close contact, so please do not come if you are sick. Refunds will be given for cancellations due to transmittable illness or COVID-related symptoms. Thank you for your integrity. We ask for your assistance in maintaining the cleanliness of the communal spaces.


Let us know!

We are ready to answer any questions you may have about Healing Waters Retreat 2023.


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