Swimming Confidence

My daughter has progressed in her swimming skills every class that she participates in.  Her confidence in the water has grown in a short time.  Kelly truly teaches kids to be confident in the water.  Not only is she teaching swimming, but she is saving lives.”    ~Jennifer White

I learned to swim at 6 months old and was a competitive swimmer in my teens. I have been a life guard, assisted with swim team coaching, and have taught swimming lessons.

I often describe my experience in life as being a water creature trapped in a land creature body; I am much more at ease in water than I am on land. I love to help people gain confidence in water by easing anxiety and offering stroke work to make movements more efficient


I am available for private or group lessons with kids or adults.

Rates (1/2 hour lessons) at Mountain Fitness South:
$40 private/semi-private lesson for 1 - 2 people
$15/per student - group rate

In the summer months of June-September I offer swimming confidence lessons in Lake Siskiyou or Castle Lake in Mount Shasta, California. During fall and spring I offer group and private lessons at the Mountain Fitness South in Mt. Shasta, CA. To register for Mountain Fitness South or Lake Siskiyou swimming confidence lesson series write to me at: inspiregratitude@gmail.com


Contact me at inspiregratitude@gmail.com to schedule a lesson.

"I was thrilled to find out that someone was finally offering swim lessons in Mount Shasta. I was even more thrilled after my girls (3 and 4) had their first lesson. Kelly was pateint, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Just tonight, I overheard my girls helping each other do the back float while taking their bath!  Having swim lessons offered in Mount Shasta is a huge plus for our community.
Thanks Kelly! "   ~Paula Braugh

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