Sacred Crafts

I am available for custom, sacred craft work. I come from a long line of seamstresses and crafters in the deep south. I am deeply connected to fiber and earth-based arts and have been creating and teaching art for most of my life.

My custom work is done with intention and prayer. Together we plan the design for your piece and discuss the purpose and meaning of it. When I work on your unique piece I stitch in prayers and joyful memories for you and your loved ones.

owlcase-websiteMy specialities include medicine pouches, hand-stitched wool felt computer cases, wing fans, vintage book art, fingerless gloves and hats, plant-dyed scarves and yarn, baskets, and custom clothing & mending projects.


I can also teach group classes in Ukrainian egg dying, needle felting, plant dying, and making rattles or baskets.


Contact me at to discuss your custom craft projects and pricing.

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