Living Waters Residency & Aguahara Level I Training

If you are interested in a deep dive into this aquatic art, somatic healing, & bodywork check out these offerings facilitated by the founder of Aguahara, Alex Siebenstern, who is traveling from Germany to be here with us!

April 2024

at the Inner Sanctum

in Woodside, CA

Aguahara Level I: "Initiation"
April 8-14
     The foundational course of the 3 levels of certificated aguahara training.
This is a residential training with all meals included.
alex with noseclip
Living Waters: A 10-day Residency for Aquatic Exploration
April 17 -26
     Through immersive exploration and hands-on research, you'll uncover the profound healing properties of water medicine.
Living Waters is a warm water lab for co-creation and discovery of what is possible in the realm of liquid group experiences.
This is a residential, collaborative experience
with all meals included.

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