Home and Body Reboot

Fairy Godmother at your service!
I can assist you in living your best life!

Often our lives get too busy to keep up with all that comes our way; our things get cluttered, and we can get stuck in old, habitual ways of doing things.

I offer a wholistic, in-home, life renovation and support service, 2-5 days in length.
I personally assist you in moving stuck energy in your home and life.

My program is wholistic in the sense that I also assess your lifestyle and habits and offer bodywork, nutritional counseling, and coaching sessions while I am with you.

This will look different for each person’s unique situation. Some of the things I do in your home include clearing out old food or broken or unused things, rearranging furniture, organizing, repairing, deep cleaning, smudging, and helping you with specific needs in your home.


My goal is to leave you and your home with a complete refresh where you feel renewed and inspired to make lasting changes that support you in having the best life possible.

I begin with a phone consultation where we get to know each other. Together we begin to set goals for what you desire to focus on while I am in your home. Once I am in your home, I will work with joy and exuberance, filing your spaces with new life and vitality. I will offer specific recommendations, and won’t make changes without your permission. Also included in my basic fairy godmother service is one custom bodywork/yoga session and one coaching session.

At the end of our time together, I will give you recommendations for specific exercises, yoga poses, supplements, daily practices, and dietary changes. You will be left with an assignment sheet, a clean, clear space, and an energetic refresh of your body, mind, spirit, and home!

Contact me at gratitude@kellymcree.com to discuss pricing based on your specific needs and location.

I am available in the San Francisco Bay area, Northern California, southern Oregon, and Portland in the months of June - October.

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