Mission Statement

Wild Roots strives to integrate body, mind, and spirit connections to our living planet using different modalities of travel, play, and education. We create links in the chain that enhance global awareness of healing, both for our planet and all living beings. We embrace ecological impact in our travels, and do what we can to lessen our footprint and educate others to do the same.

Wild Roots endeavors in California, Belize, and Guatemala strive to:

  •  Support traditional crafts, music, dance, plant medicine, healers, and food for future generations.
  • Nurture and encourage communities and local businesses where the people have their cultural pride and dedication to sustainable living in tact.
  • Gather herbal knowledge from the elders of these Earth-based cultures and to proliferate and preserve this knowledge in a respectful and beneficial way.
  • Educate people and businesses about sustainable and environmentally sound practices.
  • Strengthen connections between children and elders.