Wild Roots Social Action Projects

Over the past 11 years, Wild Roots has donated and delivered over 300 pounds of clothes and books to a Garifuna village in Belize, reprinted and delivered 100 copies of Ms. Barbara's book, Medicine Woman: The Herbal Tradition of Belize to her to sell, and purchased a water pump for a farmer & herbalist who was spending half of his days carrying water from the creek to "wet his plants."

Our next social action project is another delivery of books to children in Hopkins, Belize in January 2017. Most kids in the village do not have books in their homes and children and parents alike greatly appreciate a receiving book.


We are currently accepting donations for new computers for the local school in the village of Hopkins, so that each child has their own computer to work on when they go to the new computer lab. Most children in the village do not have computers easily accessible.

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