Swimming Confidence

I learned to swim at 6 months old and was a competitive swimmer in my teens. I have been a life guard, assisted with swim team coaching, and have taught swimming lessons.

I often describe my experience in life as being a water creature trapped in a land creature body; I am much more at ease in water than I am on land. I love to help people gain confidence in water by easing anxiety and offering stroke work to make movements more efficient.


I am available for private lessons with kids or adults.

My private lesson rate is $40/half-hour lesson for 1 - 2 people.

My group rate is $15/per student/per 1/2 hour lesson.
In the summer months of June-September I offer swimming confidence lessons in Lake Siskiyou or Castle Lake in Mount Shasta, California. During fall and spring I offer group and private lessons at the Wellness Center in Mt. Shasta, CA. To register for Wellness Center or Lake Siskiyou swimming confidence lesson series write to me at: inspiregratitude@gmail.com


In the months of December - April , I am available to offer lessons in the Caribbean Sea in Belize.

I can also arrange sailing excursions with licensed guides to islands in the Meso-American barrier reef on traditional, Belizean-built, wooden sailboats. These trips can include lunch, yoga, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, lion-fish eradication, and relaxing on tropical island beaches. They range from day trips, to multi-day excursions.


Contact me at inspiregratitude@gmail.com to schedule a lesson.

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